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Aluminium PCB LED Circuit Board , SMT PCB Board For LED Bulb

Layers: 1-16 layers
Materials: CEM1, CEM3, Teflon, Rogers,FR-4, High Tg FR-4, Aluminum Base, Halogen Free
Max. Board Size: 510*1500mm
Material: RoHS Directive-compliant
PCB thickness: 1.6 ±0.1mm
Out Layer Copper Thickness: 1-6oz
Inner Layer Copper Thickness: 1/2oz-5oz
Max. board Thickness: 6.0mm
Minimum hole size: 0.20mm
Minimum line width/space: 3/3mil
Min. S/M Pitch: 0.1mm(4mil)
Plate thickness and aperture ratio : 12:1
Minimum hole copper: 20µm
Hole dia. Tolerance(PTH):±0.075mm(3mil)
Hole dia. Tolerance(NPTH):±0.05mm (2mil)
Hole position deviation:±0.05mm (2mil)
Outline tolerance:±0.05mm (2mil)
Surface finished:HASL Leadfree,Immersion ENIG,Chem Tin,Flash Gold,OSP,Gold finger,Peelable,Immersion Silver
Solder mask: green
Legend: white
Outline: rout and score/V-cut
E-test: 100%
Inspection standard: IPC-A-600H/IPC-6012B, Class 2
Outgoing reports: final inspection, E-test, solderability test, micro section and more
Certificates: UL (E315391), ISO 14001, TS16949, ISO 9001, SGS