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    Shenzhen Kingsheng PCBA Tech Co.,LTD (H.K. C-Alley Co.,LTD) was founded in the year 2002, mainly business are automotive cables, PCBA and electornic products trade, all the products were exported to foreign markets, mainly to Eastern Europe market. Since year 2005, Kingsheng begin to focus on PCB Assembly and created our own factory in Baoan district, Shenzhen. more

Printed Circuit Board Design Tutorial
Printed Circuit Board Design Tutorial
Proper printed circuit board design is a crucial part of an electronic product,This article is presented to take some of the mystery out of PC board design.
when you have designed your circuit and to built a working prototype. It's time for you to turn it into a perfect Printed Circuit Board design.
For some designers, producing the PC board will be a natural and easy extension of the design process. But for others it can be a very daunting task.
There are even very experienced circuit designers who know very little about printed circuit board design, and just leave it up to the "expert" specialist printed circuit board designers.
Many companies even have their own dedicated PC board design departments. This is not surprising, considering that it often takes a great deal of knowledge and talent to position maybe hundreds of components and thousands of tracks into an intricate (some say artistic) design that meets a whole host of physical and electrical requirements.
Back in the pre-computer CAD days, most PC boards were designed and laid out by hand using black (or coloured) adhesive tapes and pads on clear drafting film. Many hours were spent slouched over a fluorescent light box, cutting, placing, ripping up and routing tracks by hand.
Those days are well and truly gone, with computer-based PC board design having replaced hand layout completely in professional electronics and largely in hobby electronics.
Computer-based CAD programs allow the utmost flexibility in board design and editing over the traditional techniques. What used to take hours can now be done in seconds.