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How to do PCB schematic making
How to do PCB schematic making
In the PCB reverse technology research, the anti-push schematic diagram is based on the PCB file diagram or directly based on the product directly depicts the PCB circuit diagram, designed to explain the principle and work of the PCB circuit board. Also, this circuit diagram is used to analyze the functional characteristics of the product itself. In the forward PCB design, the general product research and development to be the first schematic design, and then according to the schematic diagram for Print circuit board design.
PCB schematic has a special role, whether it is used as a basis for analyzing circuit board principles and product work characteristics in reverse research, or as a basis for PCB design in forward design. Moreover, in the PCB product debugging, maintenance and improvement process plays an indispensable role, reverse schematic production is our PCB copy board service segmentation.
We have a new way of reverse PCB design ideas and methods, can be board-level power integrity analysis, the results of verification, and according to the export of technical documents reverse design of a clear linePCB ,rational layout of the schematic. Our PCB schematic diagram of anti-push, and PCB have made a rigorous network proofreading, the component location number, model, network name and other complete and clear and easy to checkPCB , and the use of "functional modules related components relative concentration" and "modular" Way, its readability comparable with the original design. 
Shenzhen Kingsheng PCBA schematic diagram to push the chip signal as a clue to start, that is, first identify the chip use, with experience, according to the signal flow on the pin signal name to function to sub-regional, never abuse the BUS bus or through Network name net1, net2, etc. to express the connection relationship. 
At present, Kingsheng PCB successful production of the schematic diagram are: mobile phone PCB schematic, MP3PCB schematics, MP4PCB schematics, digital camera PCB schematic, industrial motherboard schematics, notebook computer motherboard circuit schematics, power charger circuit schematic etc.