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Printed circuit board Component Layout rules

Printed circuit board Component Layout rules 

PCB layout process
, the PCB system layout is completed, to review the PCB diagram,PCB system layout is reasonable, whether it can achieve optimal effect. Usually can be investigated from the following aspects

whether the PCB system layout is reasonable or not, whether it can guarantee the reliability of the wiring, whether it can guarantee the reliability of the circuit. In the PCB layout of the need for the direction of the signal as well as power and ground networks have a whole understanding and planning.

Printed board size is consistent with the size of the processing drawings, can meet the requirements of PCB manufacturing process, there is no behavioral markers. This requires special attention, a lot of circuit layout PCB board and wiring are beautifully designed, reasonable, but neglect the precise positioning of the connectors, resulting in the design of PCB circuit and other PCB circuits can not docking.

PCBA Components in the two-dimensional, three-dimensional space on the collision. Pay attention to the actual size of the device, especially the height of the device. In the welding free PCB layout of components, the height is generally not more than 3mm etc.