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The knowledge about the wireless charger power bank
The knowledge about the wireless charger power bank
1. What is the wireless charger and how it works:
     The overall system comprises of a charger pad and the battery. Each part has planar coils that are used to transfer energy from the charging pad to the battery. The electrical energy is modulated so the charging pad and battery can communicate with each other. This allows the charging pad to verify that a valid battery is in place before it transmits full power to the battery.
2. The advantage of the wireless charger
a. Wireless charging is convenient when electrical contacts are not acceptable and the battery is embedded in the product or when the product cannot be reached. 
b. Wiring charging can also reduce the amount of cables and power adapters you need to have custom manufactured for your device or application.
c. Wireless charging can be sized to deliver 5W or 10W of energy to the battery. It can be a good solution to charge your battery. It can also charge you battery at a fast rate depending on the size of the battery pack.
3. The application a of the wireless charger technology
?Besides smart phone, wireless charging is commonly used in medical devices and cars and so on.