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Wave soldering procedure
Wave soldering procedure
In the process of wave solding, melted solder is transformed into required solder wave through mechanical bump or electromagnetic bump that features jet flow. Then PCBs with components assembled have to pass through solder wave so that mechanical and electric soldering between component soldering points or PCB pad.
The key steps of wave soldering contain component molding, component plug in or mounting, soldering and cooling through solder wave. It means that molded components are plugged on PCB based on requirement. Then PCB loaded with components is pushed into wave soldering system by transmission device. Next solder flux is sprayed and PCB will suffer preheating in the preheating zone. The final step comes with the wave soldering and cooling.
Components molding and plug-in components
The main job of this station is to premold some components in order to make them meet the requirements of mounting, plugging and wave soldering.
Wave soldering
The main job of wave soldering is to plug molded components on the required places according to some requirements. Then PCB loaded with components enters wave soldering system by transmission device. Soldering flux is first sprayed and PCB suffers preheating in the preheating zone. Next comes wave soldering with cooling as the final step.