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PCB Testing: Why is it Important?
PCB Testing: Why is it Important?
In any manufacturing process, testing is a central element of the operation. Without robust testing processes, there is a risk of not identifying defects that could potentially cause products to fail, once they’re in the market.
There are various tests for PCBs. The in-circuit test (ICT) method is a popular strategy for delivering fault diagnosis at a component level. It is cost effective, and helps identify issues with PCBs before they are integrated into larger units. ICT is a very accurate test process.
Specialist Automated Test Equipment (ATE) conducts a ‘manufacturing defect analysis’ (MDA). The testing validates each component on the PCB, and verifies passive control measurement, the orientation of diodes and transistors, and supply voltage. It also looks for open and short circuits. Tests can involve basic functional process validation as well as ‘vectorless’ test that check the PCB pins. Analogue and Digital measurements can be tested.
If there is a change to the PCB design, then new equipment will be required.  Therefore, it is important that the PCB has been designed to allow for the testing. Keeping configurations simple by separating all components from the test pads is an example of optimizing the layout.