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Main Types of Printed Circuit Board
Main Types of Printed Circuit Board
The circuit board is generally made of epoxy or other composite materials. It’s used to physically support the components, as well as electrically connect them to form a live circuit.
In the most simplistic sense, a PCB will consist of a thin sheet of insulating material with a layer of copper foil, jointly laminated to the underlying substrate (usually made of epoxy, fiberglass or similar composite materials). The number of layers on a PCB depends upon the use and application. The lines or circuit tracks on the PCB are created with the help of chemical etching. These lines help with the flow of electricity and connect the various components together.
There are different types of circuit boards or PCBs. Depending on the type of application, manufacturers will select the PCB. Here are some of the most widely used types of PCBs:
Type of PCB Summary
Single Side PCB Used in simple systems, Low cost, Common for Hobbyists
Double SIded PCB Less common than Multilayer. Uses both sides of one board
Multilayer PCB Commonly mass produced, Economical, Compact, up to 10 or 12 Layers
Rigid PCB A stronger substrate, High impact applications, Military, Aerospace
Flexible PCB Moving part applications, higher cost, greater longevity
Metal Core PCB Metal plate, copper, speclialist applications, such as conductive or thermal