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Which design mistake will affecting PCB assembly?
Which design mistake will affecting PCB assembly?
The top five mistakes that you should look out for in PCB assembly.
On the technical side, flex-cracking refers to excessive bending of the PCB under a ceramic chip capacitor. The ceramic chip capacitor cannot withstand excessive stress due to its brittle nature. 
Failure to Adequately Gauge the Performance Environment
One of the most common mistake made by PCB designers is failing to cater for the environment in which the board will operate during the design stage. 
Inadequate Communications
PCB assembly will often involve a number of participants. There is the designers, the fabricators and the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. 
Lack of Design Reviews
For companies that do not have well defined rules on the flow of work from initial product assembly specification, through design to delivery of the final product, there may be problems in design reviews. 
Lack of Design Back-ups 
A very common mistake in any type of design work is failing to back-up the copies of your work.