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DIP post welding workshop PCBA board inspection project standard
DIP post welding workshop PCBA board inspection project standard
01, DIP part welding spot welding
02, Cold welding of DIP parts: Use a toothpick to lightly touch the pin of the part, if it can be moved, it is cold welding
03, DIP parts (solder point) short circuit (tin bridge)
04, DIP parts are missing:
05, DIP parts pin length: Φ≤0.8mm→the pin length is less than or equal to 1.5mm Φ>0.8mm→the pin length is less than or equal to 2.0mm, except for special trimming requirements
06, DIP parts are wrong:
07, The polarity of DIP parts is reversed or wrong, causing burning or explosion
08, DIP parts foot deformation: the lead bending exceeds 50% of the thickness of the lead
09, DIP parts floating high or high warping: refer to IPC-A-610E, according to the special circumstances of the assembly
10. Tin tip of DIP part soldering point: The height of tin tip is greater than 1.5mm
11. DIP parts cannot be identified: (printing is blurred)
12. DIP part foot or body oxidation
13. Damaged DIP part body: The surface of the component is damaged, but the metal material inside the component is not exposed
14. DIP parts use non-designated suppliers: according to BOM, ECN
15. Vertical filling and peripheral wetting of PTH holes: at least 75% vertical filling, pins and hole walls are wetted at least 270o
16. Tin ball/tin dross: More than 5 solder balls or solder splash (0.13mm or less) per 600mm2 is (MA)
17. The solder joints have pinholes/blow holes: a solder joint has three (including) or more as (MI)
18. Crystallization phenomenon: There are white residues on the surface of the PCB board, solder terminals or around the terminals, and white crystals on the metal surface