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SMT patch workshop PCBA board inspection project standards
SMT patch workshop PCBA board inspection project standards
01, SMT parts welding spot welding
02, Cold welding of the solder joints of SMT parts: Use a toothpick to lightly touch the pin of the part, if it can be moved, it is cold
03, SMT parts (solder point) short circuit (tin bridge)
04, SMT parts are missing
05, SMT parts are wrong
06, SMT parts have reversed or wrong polarity, causing burning or explosion
07, Multiple SMT parts
08, SMT parts overturning: the text face down
09, SMT parts stand side by side: chip element length≤3mm, width≤1.5mm not more than five (MI)
10. Tombstone of SMT parts: the end of the chip component is lifted
11. SMT part foot offset: side offset is less than or equal to 1/2 of the width of the weldable end
12. SMT parts floating height: the distance between the bottom of the component and the substrate <>
13. SMT parts foot high tilt: the height of the tilt is greater than the thickness of the part foot
14. The heel of SMT parts is not flat and the heel is not tinned
15. SMT parts cannot be recognized (the printing is blurred)
16, SMT parts feet or body oxidation
17, SMT parts body damage: capacitor damage (MA); resistance damage is less than 1/4 of the component width or thickness (MI); IC damage in any direction length<>
18. SMT parts use non-designated suppliers: according to BOM, ECN
19. SMT parts solder point tin tip: the height of the tin tip is greater than the height of the part body
20. SMT parts eat too little tin: the minimum solder joint height is less than the solder thickness plus 25% of the height of the solderable end or the solder thickness plus 0.5mm, the smaller of which is (MA)
21, SMT parts eat too much tin: the maximum solder joint height exceeds the pad or climbs to the top of the solderable end of the metal plating end cap is acceptable, and the solder contacts the component body (MA)
22. Tin ball/tin dross: more than 5 solder balls or solder splash (0.13mm or less) per 600mm2 is (MA)