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What are the new components and high-density assembly technology?
What are the new components and high-density assembly technology?
1. What is high density?
High density includes high-density layout and high-density component installation.
The component mounting density on the printed circuit board is higher than 50/cm2, and the solder joint density is higher than 100/cm2.
High-density installation pitch of components.
Layout density: layout density above level 4 is high density.
2. What is the new component assembly technology?
BTC components: only components with solder terminals on the bottom, for example, grid array components FN, LCCC; column grid array components CCGA, LGA, and only chip inductor coils with solder terminals on the bottom.
BGA/CSP with pin center distance less than 0.4mm, etc.
In recent years, new micro and small components such as 01005 and metric 03015 have appeared.
Conventional SMT technology, such as solder paste printing, patching and soldering on ordinary FR-4, is already a conventional pcb assembly process in PCBA Factory, not an advanced manufacturing technology.