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5 major PCBA processing automation production requirements
5 major PCBA processing automation production requirements
1. PCB size
The size of the PCB is limited by the capabilities of the electronic processing production line equipment. Therefore, the appropriate PCB size should be considered when designing the product system scheme.
2. PCB shape
SMT production equipment uses guide rails to transport PCBs, and cannot transport PCBs with irregular shapes, especially PCBs with gaps in the corners.
3. Transmission side
The size of the conveying edge depends on the requirements of the conveying rail of the equipment, printing presses, placement machines and reflow soldering furnaces generally require the conveying edge to be above 3.5mm.
4. Positioning hole
Many processes such as imposition processing, assembly, and testing require accurate positioning of the PCB. Therefore, positioning holes are generally required to be designed.
5. Positioning symbol
Modern placement machines, printing machines, optical inspection equipment (AOI), solder paste inspection equipment (SPI), etc. all use optical positioning systems. Therefore, optical positioning symbols must be designed on the PCB.