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PCBA welding precautions
PCBA welding precautions

1. Warehouse management personnel should wear anti-static gloves during the process of distributing materials and IQC testing, the meter should be grounded, and the work surface should be covered with anti-static rubber pads.
2. In the specific production process, an anti-static work surface is required, and the components and semi-finished products are placed in an anti-static container. The welding equipment must be reliably grounded, and the electric soldering iron must be of anti-static type. All equipment must be tested before being used and qualified.
3. In the process of PCBA processing, the tin flow will have an impact on the pins of the plug-in. Some plug-ins may be tilted after being welded by the furnace, which will cause the component body to exceed the range of the silk screen frame, so the repair welding personnel after the tin furnace This part of the irregular plug-in should be corrected.
4. When soldering speakers and batteries, PCBA should pay attention to the amount of tin in the solder joints. If the amount of tin is too much, it may cause short circuit or even fall off of peripheral components.