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About us
    Shenzhen Kingsheng PCBA Tech Co.,LTD (H.K. C-Alley Co.,LTD) was founded in the year 2002, mainly business are automotive cables, PCBA and electornic products trade, all the products were exported to foreign markets, mainly to Eastern Europe market. Since year 2005, Kingsheng begin to focus on PCB Assembly and created our own factory in Baoan district, Shenzhen. more

PCBA Plant Introduction
Equipment list: 
1). Auto solder paste printer
Brand: Hitachi; Spec: PXH-1; QTY: 8; Height: 0.3mm~5.0mm PCB size: X:35~335mm Y: 35~255mm
Brand: DEK; QTY: 2
2). 3D Solder Paste;Soldering Testing SPI

Details: SPI2000; QTY: 2  
3). SMT equipment
Brand: FUJI; 
Spec: NXT I;QTY: 16
Size: H01: 1608~74mm*74mm 3500cph; Height: 25.4mm
Size: H04: 1608~38mm*38mm 6000cph; Height: 9.5mm
Size: H08: 0402~7.5mm*7.5mm 10000cph; Height: 6.5mm
Size: H12: 0201~5mm*5mm 16000cph; Height: 3mm
Size: H12HS: 0201~5mm*5mm 16000cph; Height: 3mm
(Single: Min50(L)x50(W)~Max534(L)x610(W); Dual: Min50(L)x50(W)~Max534(L)x510(W))
Spec: NXT II; QTY: 16
H12: 0201~5.0
H01: 1608~38.0
H04: 1608~38.0
H08: 0402~7.5
H12: 0201~5.0
H12S: 0201~5.0
H12HS: 0201~5.0
(Single: Min50(L)x50(W)~Max534(L)x610(W); Dual: Min50(L)x50(W)~Max534(L)x510(W))
Spec: NXT V; QTY: 8
Spec: XPF;QTY: 4
4). Reflow Oven 
Brand: TAMURA; QTY: 4
Brand: ERSA; QTY: 2
Brand: JT; QTY: 2 
5). AOI 
Brand: OMRON; Spec: VT-RNS; QTY: 2
Brand: JUTZE; QTY: 2
6). X-RAY
7). Separator
Brand: JUKI; QTY: 4
Brand: LONG START; QTY: 16
Brand: CMT; QTY: 2
Our Capabilities:
* 220 million points per month