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    Shenzhen Kingsheng PCBA Tech Co.,LTD (H.K. C-Alley Co.,LTD) was founded in the year 2002, mainly business are automotive cables, PCBA and electornic products trade, all the products were exported to foreign markets, mainly to Eastern Europe market. Since year 2005, Kingsheng begin to focus on PCB Assembly and created our own factory in Baoan district, Shenzhen. more

Testing Service


  • In Circuit Testing

    Advantages of ICT Test · High fault coverage · High speed · Accurate/quick diagnosis · Variants easy to support ... [Detail]

  • Testing Service

    BGA testing Functional Testing In Circuit Testing Environmental Testing Burn-in Testing In-Process Testing Hi-Pot Testing ... [Detail]

  • Function Testing

    KingSheng will provide the capacity and service to carry out functional tests for your printed circuit boards. ... [Detail]

  • Printing Solder Paste Test

    To ensure the quality of the printing, it needs to monitor the printing press parameters: printing speed / squeegee pressure / printing gap / separation distance / clean frequency / paste thickness / the viscosity. All these parameters shou ... [Detail]

  • Testing Jig

    to provide a fast electronic pulse that is applied to the input of the preamp and compare the output waveform to an expected shape. The tester is also designed to be operated conveniently and quickly. At Kingsheng, we do ofen customised test jig d ... [Detail]

  • X-Ray for BGA Testing

    Automated X-ray inspection (AXI) is a technology based on the same principles as automated optical inspection (AOI). It uses X-rays as its source, instead of visible light, to automatically inspect ... [Detail]

  • AOI

    Automatic Optical Inspection is the cost effective solution to replace traditional human inspection, at the same time reducing the need for expensive electrical test. ... [Detail]

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