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    Shenzhen Kingsheng PCBA Tech Co.,LTD (H.K. C-Alley Co.,LTD) was founded in the year 2002, mainly business are automotive cables, PCBA and electornic products trade, all the products were exported to foreign markets, mainly to Eastern Europe market. Since year 2005, Kingsheng begin to focus on PCB Assembly and created our own factory in Baoan district, Shenzhen. more

Equipment List

Shenzhen KingshengPCBATech.Co.,Ltd is a 
Turnkey OEM/ODM & PCB Assembly Provider with more than 10 years of Manufacturing Experience &Design Development.

Our EMS services include: 
* Project evaluation and cost analysis;

* Parts sourcing and incoming material testing;

* PCB Assembly, PCBA prototype, PCBA box build;

* BGA SMT mounted, X-Ray testing, and BGA repairing;

* PCB Design, PCB Layout, and PCB Fabrication;

* Firmware and software programming and testing;

* Mechanical design and wire harness;

* Shipment and post-sales support.

We have strengthened and evolved to a wide range of designing and manufacturing PCBA products for Industrial Control, Smart Meter, natural gas meter, Medical Instrument, Wireless Intelligent Electronic products.

KingSheng has years combined experiences and professionalism to meet your complicated printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) challenges. Additionally, it is our expertise that we can help customers with BOM optimization and components procurement or collect consigned parts.

Our capability for PCBA:
Advanced automatic SMT Equipment:
* HITACHI Screen Printer

Assembly Production Machines:
* 8 automatic Fuji modules SMT lines
* 2 DIP Dual wave soldering lines
* 2 manual soldering production lines
Component range:
* 01005,0201,0402,0603,0805,1206,1608,2125,3216
* Fine Pitch QFP to 0.2mm
* BGA, QFP, CSP, Flip Chips, Connectors
* BGA to 0.2mm

Our capability for PCB:
Rigid PCB Fabrication Capability
Max Layer count: 2-32 layers 
Max Panel Size: 1350mm*530mm (53.1496″*20.8661″)
Min Finished Board Thickness: 0.15mm (0.0059″)
Max Finished Board Thickness: 6.50mm (0.2559″)
Min Core Thickness: 0.05mm (0.0020″)
Min Cu Thickness(Base): 8um (1/4 OZ)
Drilling Hole to Hole Accuracy: ± 0.05mm (± 0.0020″)
Routing Edge to Edge Accuracy: ± 0.05mm (± 0.0040″)
Stamping Edge to Edge Accuracy: ± 0.075mm (± 0.0030″)
V-cut Edge to Edge Accuracy: ± 0.10mm(± 0.0039″)
PTH Tolerance: ± 0.075mm (± 0.0029″)
NPTH Tolerance: ± 0.05mm (± 0.0020″)
Min Drill Size: 0.15mm (0.0059″)
Min Drill Size: ± 0.075mm (0.003″)
Aspect Ratio: 15:1
Trace Width Tolerance: ± 10%
Min Trace Width: 0.05mm (0.0020″)
Registration (O/L): ± 0.038mm (± 0.0015″)
Min Solder Mask Dam Width: 0.076mm (0.0030″)
S/M Registration Tolerance: ± 0.025mm (± 0.0015″)
Max Test Points/Board(Universal ET): 100,000
Min SMT/QFP Pitch: 0.250mm (0.0100″)
Min BGA Pitch: 0.30mm (0.0118″)
Max Board/Array Size (Universal ET): 430mm*1280mm (16.93″*50.39″)
Impedance Control Tolerance: ± 5%
HDI Structure 1+N+1 \ 2+N+2\3+N+3: Yes

FPC Manufacturing Capability 
Layer Count: 1-16L
Max Panel Size: 250mm×540mm
Min Finished Board Thickness: 0.05mm
Min Trace Width: 0.03mm
Min Drill Size: 0.075mm
Min Cu Thickness (Base): 12um
Molding Tolerance: ±0.05mm



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  • Components Chamber

    To protect sensitive component, such as ICs, we store the components in electronics component chamber. Sensitive Electronics Components Chamber PCB Baking Oven Solder Paste Storage ... [Detail]

  • Testing Equipment

    Kingsheng PCBA Tech offers a full range of testing service. Including: AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection) Function Testing In Circuit Testing Testing Jig Testing Service X-Ray for BGA Testing Printing Solder Paste Test Each board is carefull ... [Detail]

  • SMT Equipment

    Advanced SMT Equipment: HITACHI Screen Printer FUJI NXT-Ⅱ FUJI XPF-L Modules Assembly Production Machines: 8 automatic Fuji SMT lines with both lead and lead free are available 2 DIP Dual wave soldering line 2 manual soldering product ... [Detail]

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