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Shenzhen KingshengPCBA Tech Co.,Ltd (HK C-Alley Co.,Ltd), an professional PCBA manufactuer and electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider for 12years.SMT factory has ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 certification, advanced production equipment and rich experience in the production of PCBA. more

Conformal Coating
What is Conformal Coating?  
A conformal coating is a polymeric film applied to a printed circuit board (PCB) in order to protect the board and covers components from the environment and corrosion. Ultimately extending the working life of the PCB.
The benefits of Conformal Coating?
Generally newly assembled printed circuit board will  works well, but the performance can quickly deteriorate due to external factors in its operating environment. Conformal coatings can be used in a wide range of environments to protect printed circuit boards from moisture, salt spray, chemicals and temperature extremes in order to prevent such things as corrosion, mould growth and electrical failures. The protection provided by conformal coatings allows for higher voltage gradients and closer track spacing, in turn enabling designers to meet the demands of miniaturisation and reliability.

*One type of Kingsheng PCBA using Conformal Coating Material for your reference: