Design Capability

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MAX LAYERS: 64 Layers MAX PIN: 100000+
MAX CONNECTIONS: 100000+ MIN THROUGH-HOLE: 6MIL(mechanical hole)/ 2MIL (laser hole)
MIN WIDTH: 50um (2mil) MIN SPACING: 50um (2mil)
MAX BGAs/PCB board: Unlimited MIN BGA PIN SPACING: 0.3mm
MAX Maximum Speed Signal: 40G differential Signal MAX BGA PINs: 4096 PIN

Design Advantages

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Professional Craftsmanship Spirit: Focus on PCB design technical services for 20 years. Keep up with the world's most advanced electronic technology

Complete and Comprehensive PCB Design: 20 years of professional high-speed PCB design experience, accumulated countless successful cases.

Wide Range of PCB Design Related Products: Industrial control products: PC, communication products, base station terminal products, motherboards, Digital products, Military products, computer-related products, notebook desktop motherboards, Display products, TV motherboards, panel drivers, security products, and so on.

Strict Quality Assurance System: After years of experience, we have established a set of PCB design processes, and have a standard, complete, and standardized"PCB Design and Packaging Standard Library". Have a scientific, complete, and advanced "PCB Design Enterprise Specification1".

Our Professionalism: Excellence, there is no best, only better. Technology is endless and always on the road of pursuit.

Our Sense of Service: customer-centered, anxious about customers, always putting customers first, and meeting customers' needs is the foundation of the company's survival.

High-quality Team: 90% of employees have a college education or above, with an average of more than 5 years of PCB design experience. A complete and sustainable staff training mechanism ensures the technical skills of the team. The level is constantly improving.

One-stop Service: one-stop service integrating the whole process of CB design, and board making. mounting and procurement, and achieving; the whole through quality control and process control of each link. Quality control, eliminate the ik of each link. Provide strong technical support and quality assurance for development. Thereby speeding up the research and development progress. Get new products to market faster.

Abide by the Principle of Credit and Confidentiality: it is our most basic principle to keep the customer's materials confidential, and we have a complete confidentiality standard and system. Sign formal insurance with all customers. Secret agreement and strictly implement it Sign a confidentiality agreement with all employees. Conduct regular confidential training and education for all employees. Cultivate employee's sense of confidentiality.

Design Process

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Design Casses

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FPGA Test Board - 1
FPGA Test Board -2
IC Test Board
Mini Pc
8 routes DVR
16 routes DVR


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