What C-Alley Can Do?
Material Optimization
Material Optimization For BOM
  • We review the selected PCB materials and suggest lower-cost options based on the board’s functionality and application.
  • We can suggest the best size of your board by optimizing your layout.
  • Another factor that drives up the manufacturing cost is the use of thinner traces and spaces.
  • Manufacturing cost can be decreased by using lesser processing steps.
  • When it comes to component cost reduction, we must analyze the types of components originally selected.
Material Optimization
Cost Down
  • BOM optimization by at least 25%
  • Maximize cost efficiency
  • Streamline supply chain
  • Optimize component selection
  • Reliable vendor relations
  • Tailored optimization strategies
Material Optimization
Qualified Alternatives Optional
Material Optimization
Shorten Lead Time
Material Optimization
Free Samples & Free PCB Layout
Material Optimization
Technical Support
PCB Assembly Required Files

flieGerber Files

Please include all the layers (outline, copper, soldermask, silkscreen, solder paste, etc.)

flieCentroid File

Also known as pick and place file. It should include component locations, rotations and reference designators.

flieBill of Materials (BOM) in Excel format. Your BOM should include:

  • Reference designators
  • Quantity required for each component
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Part description
  • Type (SMT, Thru-Hole, BGA, etc.)
  • Package description (0805, SOIC, etc. package is very helpful but not required)

flieAssembly drawings if available

flieWorking Gerber Files

If your boards are panelized, you must provide the working Gerber files from the PCB house to fabricate the SMT stencil(s).


Please pack your documents in a single Zip file.

1. We quote unit price for every part number which is OPEN BOM with price breakdown.
2. Open BOM will mark unit price, MOQ, L/T, quoted MPN&MPG for every part number.


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