Kingsheng has extensive experience in software programming and function testing, with a team of experienced programmers and testers who are proficient in various programming languages and software development tools. They use advanced equipment and techniques to conduct function testing and ensure that the final product meets customer expectations and industry standards.
Kingsheng's IC programming and function testing service is a process of programming and testing integrated circuits (ICs) for electronic devices and systems.

IC programming involves writing data or instructions onto an IC, which will enable the device to perform a specific function or operation. Function testing involves verifying that the IC operates as intended and meets all performance requirements.

Kingsheng's lC Programming and Function Testing Service Includes

Function Testing
Customized Solutions
Quality Control

Kingsheng conducts thorough function testing to ensure that the software operates as intended and meets all performance requirements.

PCB Assembly technology plays a key role in today’s various intelligent devices. Integrated circuits (ICs) are an essential component of many electronic devices and systems, such as computers, smartphones, automotive electronics, and medical devices. IC programming is necessary to ensure that the IC performs the function or operation for which it was designed.

Programming Service

Wide range of ICs:

Kingsheng can program various types of ICs including microcontrollers, memory chips, and programmable logic devices.

High-quality programming:

Kingsheng uses advanced programming equipment and software to ensure accurate and error-free programming of ICs.

IC testing and verification:

Before programming, Kingsheng can test and verify the ICs to ensure they are functioning properly and there are no defects that could affect the programming process.

Tape and reel packaging:

Kingsheng can package programmed ICs in tape and reel format for ease of use in manufacturing.

Serialization and traceability:

Kingsheng can serialize programmed ICs with unique identification numbers for traceability purposes and to prevent counterfeiting.

Customized programming services:

Kingsheng can develop customized programming algorithms based on customer requirements and provide customized labeling and packaging services for

How to Transfer Program into Chip


Advantages of On-line IC Programming:

  • Real-time updates minimize downtime
  • Cost-effective since it eliminates device replacement
  • Enhanced functionality and flexibility
  • Improved reliability since programming is done on-site
  • Compatibility with the system's architecture

Advantages of Off-line IC Programming:

  • Offers a safe and controlled environment
  • Enables the creation and simulation of complex programs
  • Ideal for programming tasks requiring an amount of time.
  • Helps to minimize errors and the risk of accidents during programming.

IC chip programming methods vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific device used. Some methods, such as in-circuit programming, can program the IC chip without removing it from the target system. Other methods involve placing the chip in a separate programming socket to configure it.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Function Test (PCBA FCT Testing)

The FCT (Functional Circuit Testing) system is a testing method used to detect faults in electronic circuits. This system tests the functionality of a circuit by applying input stimuli to the circuit and measuring its output response. The FCT system is commonly used in the manufacturing industry as a quality control method for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components. The FCT system typically includes a test fixture, which holds the PCB or component being tested, and a test program that instructs the system on how to apply the input stimuli and measure the output response. The test program can be automated, allowing for high-volume testing with minimal human intervention. The FCT system can detect a wide range of faults, including open circuits, short circuits, and incorrect component values. It can also verify that the circuit meets its design specifications and functional requirements.


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